How do I upload the final grades for a module?

Only the module leader or Theme Head will usually need to do this.

  • Log in to the SMSTC website.
  • Go to "My SMSTC".
  • Under "My current modules" you will find links to the modules you are currently teaching on.
  • Click through to the module page.
  • Go to the "Assessments" tab.
  • Click "Add assessment" and fill in the form. Note that
    • Under "Mark type", you should select "Grade".
    • "Is electronic submission?" should not be ticked.
    • "Is final grade?" should be ticked.
    • "Can students view results?" should not be ticked.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Download marks spreadsheet".
  • Enter grades in the spreadsheet.
  • (Optional:) You can use the "Feedback" column to give general information, e.g. about the breakdown of marks.
  • Upload the marks spreadsheet using "Select results file" at the bottom of the page and clicking "Upload".
  • Return to the assessment page and click "Edit" at the bottom of the "Assessment details" block.
  • Tick the box beside "Can students view results?"

NB. Please see the Guidelines for lecturers, module leaders and theme heads about marking conventions. In particular, note that every enrolled student should receive a grade (A/B/C/U/NA).

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