How do I upload grades / marks and feedback?

  • Log in to the SMSTC website.
  • Go to "My SMSTC".
  • Under "My current modules" you will find links to the modules you are currently teaching on.
  • Click through to the module page.
  • Go to the "Assessments" tab.
  • Click "View" beside the relevant assessment.
  • (Recommended:)
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Download marks spreadsheet".
    • Enter grades / marks and verbal feedback in the spreadsheet.
    • Upload the marks spreadsheet using "Select results file" at the bottom of the page and clicking "Upload".
  • (Alternative:)
    • Click "Update result / feedback" beside a student's name to display a page where you can enter their grade / mark and feedback.
    • You can also upload individual feedback files (e.g. annotated submissions).
  • When all results and feedback have been uploaded, return to the assessment page and click "Edit" at the bottom of the "Assessment details" block.
  • Tick the box beside "Can students view results?"

NB. Please see the Guidelines for lecturers, module leaders and theme heads about marking conventions.

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