How to edit the module description

  1. Log in.
  2. Click "Website Admin" at the top-right of the screen
  3. Click the "Modules" box.
  4. You will see the list of modules that you have access to. Next to the one you wish to edit, click "Select Module".
  5. Click the "Edit module" box.
  6. You will see a large text input area containing the current module description. Edit this description as you wish. There are various built-in formatting options, including but not limited to the following: To make text bold/italic/underlined/etc…:
    1. highlight the desired text;
    2. click the appropriate button in the toolbar, or select "format" and then the style that you want.
    To create a hyperlink:
    1. highlight the text you want to make into a link;
    2. click the "Insert/edit link" button in the toolbar;
    3. enter the URL you wish to link to and click "OK";
    4. to remove a link, place the cursor anywhere in the link text and click the "Remove link" button in the toolbar.
    To insert an image:
    1. place the cursor where you would like the image to appear;
    2. click the "Insert image" button in the toolbar;
    3. click the icon to the right of "Source" field;
    4. click the "upload" button;
    5. click in the centre of the window where it says "Drop files to upload (or click)";
    6. choose the image file on your computer you would like to upload and click "Open";
    7. click "Return to files list";
    8. click the thumbnail of the image you just uploaded;
    9. click "OK".
    To insert a numbered/bulleted list:
    1. click the appropriate button in the toolbar;
    2. type some text and hit enter to start the next list entry;
    3. hit enter twice to finish the list.
  7. When you have finished editing the module information, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update module".
  8. To check how the new module description looks, click "Core modules" or "Supplementary modules" at the top of the page as appropriate, and then click the link to your module.

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