Mathematical Biology and Physiology


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The syllabus for Mathematical Biology and Physiology in 2019-20 is still being finalised, but the module will cover a range of topics in mathematicla modelling of biological systems, from cell/organism scale to population scale. Topics that we hope to cover include:

  • Simple models of population dynamics and applications; extension to disease models.
  • Methods of model formulation and analysis relating to phenomena on evolutionary time scales.
  • Adaptive dynamics of pathogen-host interactions. Evolutionary stability and bifurcation theory. Host population structure.
  • Age-structured models
  • Mathematical modelling of cancer
  • Homogenisation methods in mathematical biology


The module will be assessed by two assignments. The precise dates will depend on the scheduling of the lectures, but the deadline for the second assignment will be no later than 10 April 2020. Assignment questions will be released at least two weeks before the relevant deadline.