Timeline for staff who act as postgraduate contacts in each of the departments

This list is meant as a reminder of key SMSTC dates and responsibilities for postgraduate advisers, so they
can help incoming postgraduate students to register for SMSTC and the opening symposium in good time.

For more information please email the SMSTC administrator, contact us.

The SMSTC web address is smstc.ac.uk


  • Next session's teaching timetable and dates for symposium 1 go on the web page.
  • PG contacts will be sent an email with: the dates of the opening symposium, when SMSTC
    registration will open, the closing deadline for students to register for the symposium; an estimate of
    the cost of attending the symposium for students.
  • Please make sure that the list of PG contacts for your institution (names and email addresses) is
    correct for the next academic year.

Early September

  • SMSTC & symposium registration opens: please make sure that all your incoming postgrad students
    know what they need to do and when!

Mid-late September

  • PG contacts will be told which of their PGs have registered (for SMSTC and the opening
    symposium). It is now urgent that you chase up any of your incoming PGs who should have
    registered and haven't.

Late September or early October (just before opening symposium)

  • PG contacts should be sent a list of their students who have signed up for the symposium, and
    whether or not they are ESPRC-funded (so any mysterious names can be queried with Liam).

October (just after opening symposium)

  • Remind the PGs in your department when the SMSTC lectures start, and that they need to sign up for
    individual modules. You should be sent a confirmation list of students registered after a few weeks.


  • Student and staff questionnaires go live. Remind your PGs and colleagues to complete them.


  • Information on student performance will be sent to departments.