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Topics in Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics

The course will be a collection of lectures on different topics in algebra, geometry and mathematical physics on the style of "What is...?" column of the Bulletin of the AMS. Each topic will be covered in one or two 2-hour sessions.

Each lecture will provide an overview of a concept, including definitions, examples, and examples of applications. A good reference list on the topic will be provided, including at least one reference for general review and a couple of more specialised ones for further reading.

There is a single assessment for this course, in the form of an essay on one of the topics discussed during the semester. The topic of the essay will be suggested and must be agreed with the lecturer who gave the relevant lecture.

The assessment is due on Friday April 19th, 2019.

Prerequisites: topics will vary from week to week; lectures will be aimed at a broad audience of postgraduate students working in algebra, geometry and/or mathematical physics. The final assessment is based on a single topic of your choice amongst the ones introduced during the lectures. 


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