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SMSTC Supplementary modules

Supplementary modules are provided to inform and educate interested PhD students, postdocs and staff. They are often (but not always) more suited to PhD students in years 2 or later.  They used to be called "advanced courses".

See the timetable for the schedule, and the prospectus (OLD 2017-18) for some brief information about the expected prior knowledge.

The supplementary modules use the SMSTC equipment, administration and booking facilities, but are not part of the standard SMSTC course provision for 1st year PhD students. Some institutions may allow their students to take supplementary modules for "credit". Students who want to do this must get that and the assessment process agreed with their own institution.

Registration is now open. Registration is essential!

If you want to take one of these courses, please register, otherwise we will not know which video conference sites are needed. Staff and students should log into the SMSTC site, click on My Account and then My SMSTC and follow the instructions there.

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