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Mathematical Biology and Physiology

Theme: Applications of mathematics
Theme head: Professor Mark Chaplain

Module Overview: Mathematical Biology and Physiology

Mathematical Physiology (lectures 1-3)

Models of air flow and mixing in the human lung
Models of pulse propagation in arteries
Modelling of the heart and electrophysiology

Mathematical Biology (lectures 4-10)

Simple models of population dynamics and applications; extension to disease models.
Methods of model formulation and analysis relating to phenomena on evolutionary time scales.
Adaptive dynamics of pathogen-host interactions. Evolutionary stability and bifurcation theory. Host population structure.
Age-structured models
Patterns and waves in Turing models


The module will be assessed by two assignments (Assignment 1 50%, Assignment 2 50%). The first assignment is based on lectures 1-3, will go live on 26th January and be due on 23rd February. The second assignment is based on lectures 4-10, will go live on 18th March and be due on 8th April.


Introductory courses on ODEs, PDEs, vector calculus and basic linear algebra.

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